Saturday, September 22, 2012

Hi There!

This is my First Blog post as a STAMPIN UP DEMONSTRATOR!!! I have been thinking about joining for some time now and on Thursday I bit the bullet and joined!
I have been using Stampin Up products since May this year and when the new Catalogues were released I had a very long wish list. My Stampin Up Demonstrator asked why I would waste money ordering it through her when I could join up and not only save money by purchasing my stater kit but also by saving 20% EVERY order and if I wanted I could also MAKE money!!!

WIN WIN I think!

So let me tell you all little about myself, I am a 23 year old living at home with Mum and Dad on the beautiful Central Coast. I work as a Casual Teacher (Until my number comes up and I score a permanent teaching position). I love teaching- it is what I have wanted to do my whole life! I love technology and am interested in learning everything there is about it. 


I started Scrapbooking about 4 years ago; it was something I could do when I was home on uni break. I studied in Armidale NSW and got a lot of time off during the year. I would travel home and watch TV, Shop or sit on the computer. Mum had scrapbooked for a while before me and one day I stared- It was fantastic, I loved seeing my creative side come out, a side I had rarely used as I was did not have much time for creative hobbies. I continued scrapbooking and enjoyed the freedom. In March of this year I started attending a copic marker class and fell in love- I spent the whole Easter holidays downloading and colouring in digi stamps, I had loads of images I had coloured and cut out then stored in a folder to look at.... But what was I to do with them?

I was looking around for ideas on the net and saw that most people used them on cards and not layouts so I started making a few cards, which I gave out to family and friends. I just kept making cards and I started replacing my copic designs with things from mums scrapbooking table. I LOVED IT. I went back to make a scrapbook layout of my holiday photos and I couldn’t finish it- I was bored and all I wanted to do the whole time was make more cards.

My First Card! Pre-Stampin Up

In the May I went to a Handmade craft Market at Terrigal and I stumbled upon a stall that changed my card making FOREVER... it was three ladies showing people how to make cards, so I went in and payed $10 to make a card- I used some products that I had never seen before, the lady handed me what I thought was whiteout but she called it SNAIL!!! I used a punch, a bone (Something I had never seen before) a beautiful stamp and some fantastic papers.

This is the card i made at the Craft Market!

 The ladies were selling retired stamp sets so I bought three, along with a catalogue and a mini!!!
First Stampin up Card- It's just the text!

Although my cards were still very basic the inclusion of stamps opened my eyes to many possiblilities and I would spend hours at my desk making more and more cards!! I would spend my down time looking through the catalogue circling what I wanted but mostly what I NEEDED! I decided to have a party but I forgot the names of the demonstrators I met at the market so I went on the SU website and searched to try to find a name I recognised but I could not remember so I had a look at each persons personal SU page and also their blog (If I could find it!).

I saw this fantastic blog that was up to date and as I continued to read the posts and look at the beautifully designed cards I knew this is the demonstrator I wanted to have run my first party! So I booked a party for the 29th June. For the rest of May and June I bought lots of stamp sets through eBay and by the time my party rolled around I had about 12 stamp sets. 

My party was great, a few friends, lots of food and we made a beautiful card! A few of my friends bought product and I spent quiet a lot and I got above the $300 sales amount so I got FREE STUFF!!! I was so excited. I had a chat to my Demonstrator about joining up but wanted to wait! 

Since then I have participated in many classes and also a Launch party! 

I currently make and sell cards at a local trash and treasure and also at the handmade markets I first found this AMAZING Company!

So at this moment I am making my blog and waiting impatiently for my starter kit and first order (Which I got soooo cheap) to arrive at my door… And because it is school holidays I’m going to stay home ALL DAY and wait for the postie to ring my doorbell!!!!

OK so that is my story and my first blog post! 

If you read this THANKS!!

If you would like to contact me you can email me at or on Facebook at

J xoxo  

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